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23 de Agosto 2004

Remember Darfur

Artículo de Eric Reeves en el Washington Post:

The horrors in Darfur mark this century's first great venture in genocide, but they are not the first such action perpetrated by the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime ruling Sudan. That distinction goes to the jihad directed against the various African peoples of the Nuba Mountains beginning in 1992. Genocide began again in the vast oil concessions of southern Sudan in 1998, when the African peoples of the region became targets of a systematic policy of scorched-earth clearances. Many hundreds of thousands were killed or displaced.
No reasonable world order can tolerate a serially genocidal regime that rules only by virtue of ruthless survivalism. Yet this is what the United Nations appears prepared to do. A July 30 U.N. Security Council resolution on Darfur was an exercise in temporizing. Veto-wielding China and Russia, as well as Pakistan and Algeria, resisted all meaningful action; both China and Pakistan abstained in the final vote, signaling that nothing further will be done when the Security Council takes up Darfur again on Sunday.
regime change alone can end genocide as the domestic security policy of choice in Sudan. And it is the only thing that can avert the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Darfur. The mismatch between humanitarian need and capacity grows more deadly each day. And Khartoum is strenuously resisting deployment of any peacekeeping force, even from the African Union.

Buen repaso histórico al origen del régimen y a (algunas) causas de por qué se mantiene en el poder. Aunque se peca de algo de ingenuidad acerca del cómo abordar el cambio de ese régimen:

But one consequence of the Iraq war (though of course not a justification in itself) is that public discussion of regime change by the United States will resonate much more deeply in Khartoum's despotic thinking. If it is coupled with serious efforts to work with our European allies to squeeze Khartoum by means of comprehensive economic sanctions, as well as sanctions targeted against NIF leaders, we may first be able to secure a permissive environment for humanitarian intervention in Darfur, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

Porque hay que ser ingenuo para pensar que los aliados van a colaborar mucho con los EEUU para quitar de enmedio a cualquier régimen, por genocida que sea.

Mientras, parece que la tragedia de Darfur sólo preocupa a los liberales. He aquí la declaración del vicepresidente de la IFLR (International Federation of Liberal Youth, y a cuya pertenencia es candidata Juventudes Liberales):

Darfur needs peacekeepers now

Since last year the Janjaweed, a militia backed by the Sudanese
government has terrorised black Africans in the Darfur region of western

Inhabitants have - and are still being -robbed, raped, tortured
and killed. Hundreds of villages have been burnt down creating what is
rightly called the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. The
International Federation of Liberal Youth would like to stress the need
for an urgent and firm response to this catastrophe.
Humanitarian aid is crucial for saving lives in Darfur, but it needs to
be combined with a peackeeping force to safeguard the aid, to make
people feel safe and stop the attacks on civilians. One must remember
that the Sudanese government has encouraged street demonstrations
against the UN and the Sudanese army called the UN deadline a
“declaration of war”. Even if Sudan complies with the UN deadline, it is
hard to see refugees returning and trusting the Sudanese army to protect
them. International peacekeepers are in any case needed, and the faster
they arrive the more unnecessary deaths are avoided.

¿Dónde están las pancartas? ¿O nos dejan el camino libre para que nos lancemos nosotros a la calle en defensa de la vida, libertad y propiedad?