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20 de Junio 2004

Darfur en llamas

Otro genocidio en pleno apogeo:

Militias backed by the government of Sudan are committing crimes against humanity in Darfur, western Sudan, in response to a year-long insurgency. The past three months of escalating violence threaten to turn the current human rights and humanitarian crisis into a man-made famine and humanitarian catastrophe.

(informe de Human Rights Watch)

Hace más de un mes el Washington Post ya dedicó un editorial a este asunto:

Idle on Darfur

IN A SPEECH on the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan pleaded that, in the face of the genocide that now appears to be occurring in the western Sudanese province of Darfur, "the international community cannot stand idle." Five weeks later, Mr. Annan's plea has been underlined by reports from the region. On Friday, Human Rights Watch published a detailed account of the systematic destruction of villages and the killing "in cold blood" of thousands of civilians, whose bodies have been shoveled into mass graves or simply left out in the sun. The killings were perpetrated by Sudan's government, in concert with its allies in the Janjaweed militia. They constitute a grotesquely exaggerated response to a regional rebellion that started a year ago to protest the neglect of Darfur's ethnically African population by the Arab government in Khartoum.

Hoy toca otro, más demoledor aún:

As Genocide Unfolds

THE BUSH administration is waking up to Darfur, the western Sudanese province where Arab death squads have herded African villagers into refugee camps and are waiting for them to die. Two weeks ago Andrew Natsios, the administration's top aid official, estimated that at least a third of a million refugees are likely to perish for lack of food or basic medicines, and earlier this month Secretary of State Colin L. Powell acknowledged to the New York Times that the death squads have been supported by Sudan's government. Mr. Powell added that State Department lawyers are determining whether the killing, which the administration has already characterized as ethnic cleansing, may qualify for the term "genocide" -- a determination that would impose moral, political and arguably also legal obligations to intervene in Darfur.

Sigue una disquisición legal sobre si estos hechos constituyen o no un genocicio:

the Darfur violence has been targeted at a group defined by its black skin, with the objective not merely of looting land or cattle but of physical destruction. Aerial maps, interviews with refugees and reports from the region show that villages with ethnic African populations have been singled out for destruction; in one area, U.N. fact-finders came upon 23 African villages burned to the ground, while ethnic Arab villages, some separated from an African one by as little as 500 yards, were unscathed. Moreover, the refugees from the burned villages now face death not as some byproduct of conflict; their extermination is a main objective of the death squads and Sudan's government.

Especula sobre cómo poner fin a esto:

The main thrust of that strategy is to build support for a resolution at the U.N. Security Council demanding that Sudan's government curb the death squads and grant full humanitarian access to the refugees. If such a resolution could be secured, Sudan's government would probably meet its demands rather than face sanctions;

Y pone énfasis en los intereses bastardos que empantanan la necesaria resolución:

It is outrageous that other members of the Security Council are dragging their feet on a resolution that could relieve the crisis. China and France both have oil investments in Sudan and do not wish to alienate the government; Russia and some non-permanent members of the Security Council such as Pakistan view a resolution as an infringement of sovereignty. In ordinary times, the United States might be able to prod these countries in the right direction. But the Bush administration is devoting its very limited diplomatic capital to Iraq, and there is little left for Darfur. That is why the U.N. resolution may take weeks.

En pocas semanas podrían morir diez veces más personas que en la intervención en Irak. Pero para estos no habrá ninguna pancarta.