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19 de Mayo 2004

Otro golpe para Kyoto

Ahora, desde la Academia Rusa de Ciencias, como cuenta The Guardian:

Scientists hand Putin weapon to kill Kyoto treaty

Leading Russian scientists told President Vladimir Putin yesterday that the Kyoto emissions treaty discriminates against Russia, would damage its economy and would not significantly reduce global warming, increasing the chance that the Kremlin will refuse to ratify the agreement.
The document, according to the Interfax news agency, said: "Its effectiveness in reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases in line with the framework convention on the climate change is low."

Mr Putin has procrastinated over the decision for months, saying he will not sign anything while it remains against Russia's national interests, yet apparently holding out for last minute concessions from the EU.

His key adviser, Andrei Illarionov, has repeatedly panned the treaty, saying it would amount to an "economic Auschwitz" for growth in Russia, where the Kremlin has ambitiously pledged to double GDP in 10 years.

En han redactado una carta a Vladimir Putin instándole a que no ratifique el Protocolo de Kyoto(aquí está la traducción). Los costes económicos y sociales de semejante disparate arruinarían las posibilidades de crecimiento de Rusia, por no hablar de paises más atrasados aún.

Con algo de suerte, este engendro pronto podría ser un simple susto sin consecuencias.