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28 de Febrero 2004

Este chiste no lo leeremos en España

Del blog Iraq, the model:

There’s a joke here in Iraq, it's about the government in an Arabic country that didn’t like the fact that their country is much behind from other countries, so the leadership asked the government members to give suggestions for a solution to this defect. So, one member introduced an idea that got acceptance from all the other members. This idea says that (when America invades another country, she will later leave this country in prosperity and great development, an example is Germany and Japan. So the idea is illustrated in declaring war against America to persuade her to come to invade the country and push it to advance and flourish. Just right here, one member shouted: “OBJECTION!, AND WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE WON THE WAR!?”

Pues eso: ¿qué pasaría si ese régimen, y toda su trompetería mediática, ganasen la guerra?